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IASSA Certified Training Program

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  • Duration : 2 months

  • Max 2 trainees per center at a time

  • No Course fees;Non-Stipendiary training

  • Caution money - Rs 10,000 – refunded at the end of 2 months by cheque only– forfeited if the candidate fails to complete the training or fails to show up

  • To be paid at the IASSACON / mid-term conference itself 

  • Final list of selected candidates will be displayed at the IASSA Stall on the day 3

  • The names will be displayed on the website 1 week from the conference

  • Caution money deposited in the IASSACON account on the last day of the conference

  • Local Stay and expenses to be the trainee’s responsibility

  • Center may provide support in the form of subsided lodging and boarding. (Optional)

  • Candidates will be allowed to Observe, assist or operate as per the trainee’s experience and mentor’s discretion

  • Candidate will be expected to assist the mentor in his routine clinical work.

  • Attendance - 80% minimum

  • Candidates will submit a detailed log book to the training council

  • Certificate will be issued only after online submission of course completion / feedback forms both by the candidate and the center. It will be issued by the IASSA head office / training council

  • A standardized exit exam will be considered twice a year for the candidates – to be conducted online

  • Successful Candidates will be mentioned on the IASSA website as the list of trainees – list to be updated annually

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  • IASSA (Provisional) Membership is a must. Can become a member till the first day of the conference. Interviews will be conducted twice a year. Once at the National IASSACON and the other will be a designated midterm IASSA affiliated conference.

  • Online applications are allowed until a week before the conference. All training related info – application form, center related special details including contact info, stay facilities, what to expect to be mentioned on the website – Candidate to discuss the same with respective directors. The same can be during the personal interview.

  • All candidates to come for a personal interview in the upcoming IASSACON  /  Mid-term conference

  • Deadline for application to be the 1st day of the conference – IASSA Stall / such designated stall

  • Interviews to be held on the 2nd day after lunch session.

  • A fellowship committee of 3 governing Body members will screen all applications for eligibility.

  • Incomplete forms will be rejected.

  • Detailed CV – must include

       a) Personal details

       b) Academic qualifications

       c) Current employment / position and previous professional employment

       d) Interest/ direction/ achievement in ENT/ Sleep Surgery

  • Candidate can mention up to 3 centers of excellence, in their order of preference and preferred dates (2-month slot each)

  • Candidate will be selected on the following basis

    • Fellowship committee to meet once on the 1st day and inform governing body about eligible candidates

    • Interview – 20 marks ( 2 experts – 1 fellowship committee member and the mentor of the center) Each center will have a separate interview station

    • An interview between the trainee and the mentor should be encouraged to clarify expectations – both sides

    • The decision of the selection committee will be final