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IASSA Certified Training Program

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  • All Centers will be affiliated or have access to a level 1 sleep lab, Operation theatre with all the requisite requirements

  • Should be approved by the IASSA Governing Body / Fellowship committee

  • Host a maximum of 2 candidates per mentor at any given point of time

Sagar ENT - Head & Neck Center, Vijayawada

Program Director: Dr. Vidyasagar R

  • Orientation on Basics of OSA

  • Evaluation of patients with Snoring and OSA

  • Diagnosis of OSA & interpretation of PSG

  • Exposure to DISE

  • Exposure to Multilevel Sleep Surgeries (nasal / oropharyngeal / tongue base / hypopharyngeal)

  • Didactics on SRBD 

  • Based on candidates performance Hands-on surgical exposure would be given - selection on the sole discretion of the program director

  • Discounted accommodation 

  • Contact email address:

Sunrise Hospital, Cochin

Program Director: Dr. Ranjini Raghavan 

  • Assessment of a snoring patient in Opd

  • Reading of a PSG

  • How to do a DISE

  • Surgical techniques 

  • CPAP trial report reading and evaluation

  • Post-op management

  • Stay - Can be arranged in the hospital itself, but payment to be done by the candidate

  • Contact Email -

Madras ENT Research Foundation, Chennai

Program Director: Dr. P. Vijaya Krishnan

  • Madras ENT Research Foundation is a premier ENT Institute of Prof. Mohan Kameswaran in this part of World and MERF was one of the first centers to start a sleep laboratory in Chennai.
  • Dr. P. Vijaya Krishnan is the Consultant ENT Surgeon, Heads the Department of Snoring & Sleep Disorders.

In the 2 months training

  • Candidate will be attending Snoring and Sleep Disorders Clinic (OPD) (alternate days)
  • Will be able to understand the importance and the principle of Clinical assessment of OSA
  • Will observe and understand PSG in detail. We have 3 sleep labs with CPAP titration facilities with In-house sleep technician. We evaluate about 45 patients a month, approx. 500 a year
  • Will be able to observe and do DISE in the OR
  • We have Coblation and Radio Frequency for Sleep Apnea surgeries. We have Facio Maxillary colleagues for External Frame Work surgeries. Will be able to observe and assist OSAS surgeries
  • Will acquire comprehensive knowledge on non-surgical modalities including CPAP therapy
  • Will understand complex scenarios in OSAS and develop a rational approach
  • Accommodation – Student Hostel (if available) / nearby serviced apartment will be arranged and the candidate have to pay by themselves
  • Contact Email -

Specialty ENT Hospital, Mumbai

Program Director – Dr. Vikas Agrawal

  • All soft tissue procedures, sleep study and endoscopy. Not too much of bonywork

  • Stay free in the hospital

  • Contact Email -

Star Hospital, Hyderabad

Program Director – Dr. Srinivas Kishore

  • Participation in Outpatient evaluation of Sleep Apnea patient

  • Case Taking in the view of both Clinical and Research oriented data collection

  • Interpretation of Sleep Study (PSG)

  • Selection of patients for Sleep Surgery

  • Hands-on Training of DISE - Performing and Interpreting

  • Decision making in the selection of Surgical technique for the selected surgical patients

  • Peri-operative management of Single stage Multi-Level Surgery including counseling of the patients

  • Observation, assistance, and Hands on of various Advanced Sleep Apnea Surgeries

  • Breakfast and Dinner will be provided in the hospital for the Fellow

  • Accommodation can be arranged near to the hospital on a need basis. Contact us upfront to the same

  • Contact Email:

Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata

Program Director: Dr. Dipankar Datta

  • Questionnaire and Clinical Evaluation including detailed History taking
  • To learn ruling out Sleep disorders other than Sleep Apnoea. Sleep Diary concept
  • Examination including static Fibre Optic Laryngoscopy
  • Access to Polysomnography- all levels
  • Learn to read the PSG report and Interpretation
  • DISE - Access to OT equipped with BIS monitor and learn the principles and practice of Sleep Endoscopy
  • CPAP Trial and Learn to interpret the Usage Data
  • Sleep Surgery(Minimally invasive to Multilevel surgery) in OT equipped with CMAC, Microscope, Endoscope Camera Monitor)
  • To learn Perioperative protocol
  • To learn Evidence-Based Counseling
  • No access to the robot
  • Contact Email:

KEM Hospital / Inamdar Hospital, Pune

Program Director: Dr. Seemab Shaikh

  • Assessment of a snoring patient in Opd
  • Reading of a PSG
  • Hands-on training for a sleep study
  • Dynamic MRI....hands on as well as details about how to do it and interpret it
  • How to do a DISE
  • Various Surgical techniques
  • All cases subject to availability at that time
  • FRESH CADAVER DISSECTION TO PRACTICE ALL PROCEDURES - (on extra payment by the candidate - amount depending on prevailing rates at that time). Instruments and equipment shall be provided by me
  • CPAP trial report reading and evaluation AND COUNSELLING of CPAP and TROUBLESHOOTING with PAP machines
  • Post-op management
  • Stay - Arrangements can be facilitated but all payments to be borne by the candidate
  • Contact Email:

Dr.Deenadayal ENT centre, Hyderabad

Program Director: Dr. Deenadayal

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Program Director: Dr. Devinder Rai